A mule in EvE begins

Hey folks just trying this out to see if I might blog about EvE.

Why a mule you might ask? Several reasons actually: Well they are sure footed for one, they may not be the fastest animal but they hardly ever slip. Secondly, they can be stubborn as hell, and when I think I am right I can be extremely stubborn. Third, well they can carry amazing amounts of weight.

From wikipedia: mule

“The mule possesses the sobriety, patience, endurance and sure-footedness of the donkey, and the vigour, strength and courage of the horse. Operators of working animals generally find mules preferable to horses: mules show less impatience under the pressure of heavy weights, and their skin, harder and less sensitive than that of horses, renders them more capable of resisting sun and rain. Their hooves are harder than horses’, and they show a natural resistance to disease and insects.”

Fourth, I just thought it mildly clever and a little unique.

Well for those not in the know EvE is an MMO ( Massive Multi player Online ) game. EvE is hosted on a cluster in Iceland, and everyone plays in the same realm. EvE is a very different game in that there is no point at which you declare ( I am the winner) flat out it does not work this way. There is no “uber” player or “best” anything in the game. As in life so it is in EvE you get out of it what you put in. There simply is no “I-WIN” button at all. It is not about ships or gear or anything else other than how you actually play the game.

No risk, no reward…all in all the real risk is how much time you “lose” when a ship is destroyed.

So, on with the show , as it were.

I am a Caldari Pilot, relatively new to 0.0 ( there are three areas of space HI security where police provide consequences to “illegal” activities, Low security where there is just protection on gates, an Null or 0.0 security where anything goes.)

As the 0.0 designation seems very fearsome, it does not have to be. There is total freedom to do almost anything you want.

Well more on Manasi , my avatar, he has about 9 Million skill points ( skill points are a rough gauge at how long your player has been active within the game, the higher the skill the more options you have)

I started out May 31st 2003 ( very old for an EvE player ) I quit playing for almost 3.5 years and have come back in October/November of 2007.

I was a miner at first, and then a mission runner, now I started to train to PvP.

Now on with the blogging. As for what I want to do here I want to post ramblings and information about this area of 0.0 space in which i live /visit.

If you live in the area known as the Vale of the silent or the Tribute regions wave when you see me.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 16, 2008.

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  1. Have got a EVE Blog idea. Can you please send me an email at crazykinux[at]gmail.com?CK

  2. Amen bro AMEN…although I ahve to admit with Corpmates like Nitrov54 and Gixxer 1000 my probablity is much lower than if I were to solo.

  3. Just added you to the list of Blogroll and my Google Reader. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.Fly safe, or die trying!CK

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