I was totally pwn3d in the WDA: 34

I was one of those sad individuals at the Philly E-ON meet-up that brought a PC.

I was one of those people mentioned by Blinky and Urban Mongral, I’d never been to one before, and I can’t really drink much, medical stuff and whatnot. So I did not know what I was supposed to do. /*hurt ego now

I did have fun at the Philadelphia meet for E-On and Richie was a very nice guy. Met lots of nice folks that play and had a great time.

Aside form my hurt pride I am finally interceptors…YAY! another small milestone reached. Now just to up some skills so I can fly quicker in it.

More updating tomorrow.


~ by Manasiv5 on April 17, 2008.

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  1. Well it was a good time the E-On awards were talked about and Richie from E-ON was there as were several others, Xeserox, from EUR, Nikolai Volkov (who was richies chauffeur). They had drinks, and I played on my woefully underpowered Tablet/notebook ..as Richie said I had more money after the event that during it.Met some cool Romanian guys and a very pretty Romanian girl..all who play EvE!Met some pirates…loud talkers but a nice bunch even if they will pod you on sight.all in all really nice folks.

  2. People in Philly meet up for Eve Online? Where? When? How many? What do you guys do?

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