Just when I think I am prepared….

Sigh…SO I have my zippy little interceptor. NICE. I have a nice Gisti-b MWD, equally nice..I now run 6250 Meters per second, sadly orbital velocity is a little under 4500.

So, whats the problem you might ask? Supposedly the idea is to hit 7000 to 8000 m/s when orbiting…..grrrr.

SO I get all this stuff new plants etc and now im not fast enough….*weeping..wth do I do now?

Now for those uninitiated, My job in a interceptor is pin down the target. I jump in, set up orbit, burn around at very high velocity, while making sure that the target cannot warp away.

SO I go in hit em and pin em down so that the rest of the fleet can blow em away.

As such, I will probably die a cruel horrid death, and lose this nice little zippy ship, but we shall see for sure.

Later on and Good hunting


~ by Manasiv5 on April 18, 2008.

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