Some issues with the Overview

Hey guys thought I would write today to let you all know of an issue with the overview:

Three days ago I was helping out at a gate camp in P3EN-E and we accidentally podded a blue who appeared as a neutral. While it was odd that so many saw him as neutral he was called a target and taken down.

As a tackler and having “pointed ” him ( with a warp scrambler) so he could not warp to safety… I felt kind of bad.

Turns out, one of my own corp mates fell subject to this as well.

He was camping a gate with others from Fallout Project(with a different Corp), saw a neutral appear in system and locked and shot him. the Neutral was actually in our alliance and the same corp as some of the people at the gate , the targets corpmates responded to my corpmate and he lost his ship. My corpmate was in a phantasm ( about a 200M ship) not including rigs and modules) expensive ship to say the least. Probably close to 400M or so cost.

So the way this bug works is :

If you do not log out in the current ship you are flying the “standings” setting is “borked up.”

**edit** thanks to Phin Bu who I spoke with last night….this applies ONLY when changing ships in space or at a POS

What does this mean to you?
Well it means people in your own corp or your own alliance may see you as a hostile and engage you. NOT A GOOD THING.

The only “fix” is to log off in the ship you are currently flying, in the hope that the standings are set right. ( thanks to Phin BU for this piece of info)

Check that you do not appear neutral to your corpmates before you leave for the greater eve regions ( especially true in 0.0)

more info for you all:



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  1. CK…I asked the people involved to petition CCP, the thing was is that I was not the only one that encountered this.

  2. Darn, that stinks! Have you reported the bug to CCP. If not should definitely do – who knows, you may get your ships back.Weird timing by the way. Last night we recorded the 8th Drone Bay podcast and covered the Overview a bit.CK

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