camped gates and a hidden Raven

Last night I was in my trusty lil interceptor and was zooming around when I saw three reds pop into my home system. I alerted the others in my corp and set off to find em. Scanning showed a Vagabond, 2 others not -identified. I followed them into another system and realized there were three of them. Not wanting to become a victim, I warped away to my SS ( safe spot) somewhere about .3 au off the same gate I had come through.

Now I rescanned, 1 Vagabond, 1 Manticore, and one unknown.

Some info for those in the “know” vagabonds are not to be toyed with…they are an extremely fast T2 cruiser ( if not the fastest that I know of) and Manticores, if they lock you have an incredible Alpha ( first strike capability). Needless to say my paper thin but very fast interceptor was not going to tackle these two…..

Intel channels alerted I dropped my chase of them.

Point was…. be wary…

Later last night we discovered a ratting raven ( cloaked) and we set off to find him..long story short 45 minutes later, it is damned near impossible to detect a cloaked ship. Was a good fleet operation and I had fun but no kills.


~ by Manasiv5 on April 29, 2008.

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