Winning in EVE

*/start rant
The title is a lie, there is no such thing as winning in EvE. To be sure there are battles, there are Wars, there is competition all over the places, but there is no..”I win”. Ever.

I have been reading the forums abit lately and I enjoy talking with some ppl, disagree with others and whatnot.

The only thing that I find disturbing is the simple idea that people want to “win” rather than “experience”. I find many posts on : why can’t I use Macros, why can’t I buy In game Money, why is this ship not as good as that ship, why can’t I destroy X faster so I can “win”.

From where I sit, there is no winning, those who wish to “win” simply do not get it.
*/end rant.

Thanks for letting me put this out there….

TC and safe flying

~ by Manasiv5 on April 29, 2008.

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  1. possibly also because we live in such a consumeristic world that everyone wants to push the instant gratification button, me included. that's why we have microwaves right?but really, there isn't a way to "win" in a black-and-white sense. players often moan about pos blobs, but they are still popular because alliances want to 'win' and kill their enemies. excellent blog. i live in 0.0 and i enjoy entries that talk about lives in 0.0, rather than the insane # of pirating blogs out there (they're still pretty interesting, but not my type of play). keep it up!

  2. Your right spectre….with age and experience comes wisdom….but sometimes shortsightedness in respect to other MMO's….good point

  3. It is funny on the forums and in game how quickly people associate that "How do I win?" mindset with World of Warcraft. The instant some new player asks what the "best" setup for a ship is or how to win the game or how to "level", everyone jumps on them as being an ex-WoW player (and a lot of times they are probably right).

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