A podding, an escape, and hull tanking.

Well last night was quite good. Myself, Carl, Nirtov54,and Gixxer 1000 went out on an op up and arond the pipe. I learned some new info which I thought I would share.

Re-approaching a gate works like a champ…for those uninitiated how to do this is as follows:

  1. Upon warp in to system, click the gate and set it as your way point.
  2. click your afterburner or hopefully your MWD
  3. click the approach button
  4. immediately toggle the autopilot

Lots of stuff happening in a very little amount of time….to say the least

Now for the escape:
Saw a red pop into system and immediately jump to a new system.
I followed the man through, and he deployed Bouncer II’s, for those not aware of what a Bouncer II can do here is the link
This was a Dominix Battleship, not a easy kill to say the least. Within 1.0 seconds I was into structure, but I started the orbit none the less and was saved due to speed. I orbited at 15KM at about 5100 m/s. In come my friends, they Begin to pound on him and when he hits armor, I am told to break off and realign to the gate to follow if he jumps ( he jumped) but due to aggression timer I was unable to do so…We chased his flaming Battleship but after a good chase he made it to a an outpost…disgruntled we left for P3EN

Now for the podding:
P3EN gate and in jumps a pod floating around, upon jump in I locked him pinned him as I was supposed to do and he was put into the “ether”, as it were.
Link here for the kill mail.

This was my first op with just my corp so I am hoping I put all I learned to a test tonight…

oh yea the hull tanking…when those bouncer II’s engaged me they took me to structure in about .5 seconds….I flew the rest of the engagement with about 45% hull remaining and 0 armor.

Lesson recap:
Bouncer II’s hurt..orbit quicker to avoid death
When camping don’t go for the cntrl + left click to lock, simply engage the weapon and wait.
Use the re approach technique it worked very well for some guys zipping past our camp in P3EN.

Thats all for now..TC till next time


~ by Manasiv5 on May 2, 2008.

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