Patience …

Well, It is not one that I use very well or have come to use very often. I am trying to learn more patience.

This weekend no pew pew and/or blowing up some nasty “pirates”. Pirates in my definition are “anyone who comes into our space with the intention of using “our” resources”..this can be a new player who does not know that this is “our” space or a corporation that wants what we “have”. As with all things, the definition of what is “ours” and what we “have” is simply whatever we can keep others from using. Currently, we live in one system while our alliance , Fallout, currently occupies roughly 15 systems. So we have just one system to defend, which is much easier than trying to defend three gates into and out of multiple systems.

The reason I have had to be so patient is that EvE players who solo PvP do not last long at all. You have to get a group together, the size of the group determines how long you might survive. Over the last several days however large groups (30+) of PA players have blocked the “pipe” or single pathway to where I live, via the Lonetrek region..imagine the pipe as a narrow canyon and you get the idea….with only a few people to PvP with, 5 against 30 means we will all die if we fight. Therefore no fighting….

Suicide is not a fun thing in EvE, and it costs the one thing I value above all else, the amount of time I spent getting into a particular ship or having particular module. I am “attached” to the ships I fly and I HATE losing any of them, even more than this would be losing them for no reason, which brings me back to patience….

SO no new kills of note ( although I did get a pod kill last week) but other than that, zip, zero, nada…hopefully patience will be rewarded.


~ by Manasiv5 on May 5, 2008.

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