Why do I always miss the big fights?

Sigh…So I signed in after about a 5 hour break yesterday(building furniture) to find out a corp mate lost his Carrier (Chimera)…sadly, I was not even around to help him fend off the 30 or so Triumvirate guys that took it out. Several of our pilots were killed, but most, especially the carrier pilot took it in stride. I’m not so sure I wold have been so level headed…which is why I always refer to rule 1 of EvE: “do not fly what your not willing to lose”.

In penance ( as I felt bad for missing the fight) I ran out as a scout in the buzzard to the heart of darkness known as m-oeeb, so that the guy who were podded to empire would have “eyes”. Thjen I raced ahead to give them eyes in each system as the touched into system they would know if it was clear or not

While in m-o, I spotted a couple nasties but for the most part the triumvirate gang was not seen.

Not that they could catch me mind you, the buzzard is a REALLY hard ship to lock not to mention it aligns lighting fast and I cloak upon entering. Granted I do not mount any weapons but hey intel is still intel. I have learned that having HUMINT ( human intelligence) is the name of the game. With the vastness that is EvE meeting happen at the gates and those who watch gates provide very badly needed information..

Well I know I have promised some pictures and will put them up when I am able from my box at home.

Thats all for now.


~ by Manasiv5 on May 8, 2008.

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