What a weekend

Well what can I say, I went from 9 kills through 5/9 to 25 through 5/13. Holy Crap is all I can say.

1: Crow [13]

2: Stabber [5]

3: Raptor [2]

4: Hawk [1]

One that I have not spoken of before was my Stabber. This was a corp fitted ship cruiser with projectiles and sensor damps, holy cow does she hit ( compared to the puny DPS of my Raptor or crow) like a ton of bricks.

Some interesting news to report. a Leviathan came in to the p3EN-E system and dropped a DD on the hydra station. To say I was kinda upset was an understatement. I was furious that we did not rush to help defend some fallen brothers in Hydra. I felt that our duty would have been to rush in and help defend the Hydra POS. None the less, discipline is discipline, and the FC of the fleet did not want to engage our small fleet with a larger more out gunned fleet. Even if I had wanted to engage it would have been suicide, but enough of beating that dead horse.

As you can see I have been very busy with some PvP. So far very very enjoyable. I do not like the paper thin hulls of the interceptors, vs the smaller but more durable hulls of the cruisers. I will certainly like the T2 variants of the mimmater cruisers or gallente for that matter.

We had a war declaration (wardec) on Sunday so it went live yesterday and we took the fight to the three 6 mafia, station camped them with a very versatile and robust fleet. A vagabond as well as a nicely fit stabber fell to our guns. We drew them out of the station and frankly they were annihilated. Our FC was phenomenal as we caught a Typhoon, Drake, an Armageddon and I grabbed a buzzard for some eyes on a return trip. The return trip was not so successful.

If you are neut or red I will report movement in and you will be killed. “The Vale of the Silent” and the Tribute Regions are NBKI ( not blue kill it ) regions. We do honor 1v1 fights and the like.

Till next time, take care and godspeed.


~ by Manasiv5 on May 13, 2008.

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  1. Weekends and PvP always do go well together. So many people out and about. Glad to hear you had some fun.

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