Learn from me and do NOT do ….

Hey all…wanted to share some news, sadly my stabber went poof. Insurgency, phalanx, and Romania corporations took it out. 4 vagabonds, 1 crow, cynabal and various other sundry ships. My corp had this ship setup with 4 X 650mm prototype 1’s and 2 sv-2000 missile launchers, 2 sensor damps and 1 y-8 hydrocarbon MWD. SO in the end it went pop. They did not get a PK thank goodness.

Lesson : Do NOT muck with the overview in a dangerous area.

Schizophrenic skill training is not a good thing:

Case in point is Manasi who was originally a miner/ builder who has spent the past several months spent training fighting skills. Now past the 10M sp barrier I am truly focused on combat so what do I mean about schizophrenic training. If I would have focused on combat from the start I would not have had to restart things after my 3.5 year hiatus.

Lesson 2 stick with a type of play. Do not jump around and do this and that and this and that and bounce around like a frigging super ball launched from a shotgun. Stick with a type of play ( PvP, PvE, Piracy, industry, mining, ) you enjoy and then just keep at it.

~ by Manasiv5 on May 14, 2008.

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  1. hmm ya I did not mean to not have fun, if thats how it comes across I should rephrase it.

  2. I don't know about that Manasi… I think I would have to disagree with the insisting that people shouldn't jump around. It is a game and you should really go for what looks fun and interesting. Even if it is not the exact same skill path as your earlier training, you will still benefit from any learning and ship skills.Being effective and efficient in a field is nice but enjoying and exploring what the game should always be the priority.

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