Factional Warfare

Wow a ton of information about this topic

Some thoughts: If the people who play in PvP currently ( 0.0 inhabitants, 0.0 corporations, Alliances) cannot participate in the Factional warfare then how do you draw people in? If you are trying to draw in the “PvP shy” player base that is one thing.

Granted, I know that corporations can join in Factional Warfare but if the players leave 0.0 to PvP in Factional Warfare content how does this engage all the player base?

Wouldn’t this draw people out of 0.0 to low sec?

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~ by Manasiv5 on May 16, 2008.

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  1. AS I said in another comment, there are tons of PvPers in Empire not currently in 0.0 alliances. They are the target, and PvE players interested in pvp without the alliance logisitc and politic hassles.

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