1 poor pod pilot down

Well Gixxer1000 and I went hunting for a pilot or two who was ” not where they should be” we traveled around and searched and searched, and then heard some radio traffic that a raven was hitting a ratter in 15w down the pipe from where we were. We headed off at max speed pushing the little , yet VERY fast interceptor jumping a fast as possible.

Gixxer arrived on scene first and engaged the Raven and found him into armor and helped get him into structure and then the raven jumped, warped and crtl +q’d. Silly of him to even try to engage (a red in a blue territory), he was in a raven vs a ratting ship…so the ratter was indeed a target of opportunity.

As the alert was region wide two camps outside where this Raven pilot crtl +q’d were setup. Strange things though, he would log in for a while, and then log off. He was cloaked, in a Raven, and as such would have been a nice kill. He never left the system and I’m sure he was close to death but he managed to elude us all, by cloaking. After waiting for an hour or so we patrolled a little more, and found no more targets

The one kill we did get was a lone pilot in a newbie ship not carrying much, but he was red so he was “not where he should be” and got eaten up by myself and Gixxer. Later, Nitrov54 joined us and we hunted some more but alas, a very quiet evening in the pipe. 1 poor pilot down….

so all in all another good run. I say “good run” as any mission I come back from in my ship without major damage, is a successful run.

-Thats all for now.


~ by Manasiv5 on May 19, 2008.

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