Factional Warfare revisted

Thanks to a much better writer than myself, who reminded me that, perhaps I am being selfish.

Maybe the good readers of this blog could tell me if they think that is the case? In my opinion, many people who like to PvP are in alliances. (how many, unknown) not all, but many. As a member of an alliance I would love to participate with my friends in F.W. The downside is I would have to leave my friends and join a militia if I wish to participate.

I LIKE my alliance, Fallout is not big, but we have enough like minded people to enjoy our little area of 0.0 space. We live in a very busy area off of Tribute and the Vale of the silent. As such our missions have been to defend our space. Our Modus operandi is NBKI (not blue kill it) with this in mind I have vigorously defended “our” space in the past 3 weeks and have racked up some nice kills. (which has been great fun I admit)

I really like my Corporation Ceptacemia, they are some very battle hardened vets like Nitrov54 and Gixxer1000, as well as stalwart friends Phin Bu, Midorigoi, Tobais Soriano, lone spirit among many others.

I have a nice place to rat, if I want to make money, some space to store my ships, and some loot ….all in all a wonderful…..home.

Home, is the reason I do not wish to leave my brethren and venture out into low sec for FW.

Selfishly, I wish that I could participate in something from the new expansion. As with most things in and out of game, for me, it comes down to cost versus benefit. What will it cost me, and what is the benefit.

For ME, the potential upside benefit does not, and will not exceed the cost.

I am sure if I left on good terms and came back they would accept me back, but I feel honor bound to defend my home, and stand with my brethren to fight all comers.

This above reasoning is why I posted what I did, but I must thank the gentleman who commented about this on my previous post. I understand now more than ever why i like my little area of 0.0. I just wish I could have some fun in FW.

I would like to know what people who read this blog wold do if they were in my position.

Thanks for allowing me to further understand myself and for being able to express those thoughts here.

Special thanks to Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill


~ by Manasiv5 on May 27, 2008.

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  1. Thanks gentlemen for you good thoughts. Kirith.. I agree your right things change and will get ironed out over time.CK… I honestly did not KNOW what to expect but good points none the less.

  2. But that's the whole idea! FW is forcing us to make tough choices. It shovels the deck and adds a few cards of it own. No it's not perfect and as Kirith mention, it's got some rough edges, but did any of us ever think that something as provocative as FW, was going to seamlessly sweep itself into EVE.I didn't think so myself.CK

  3. Oh, Special Mention! That means I have to respond. :)I can sympathize a little with your conumdrum as I have to leave my corp in order to get into the Factional warfare I want, but its part of a larger plan to create my own corporation. You however, seem to have no desire to leave your current situation.So the best I can offer is this: Factional warfare will be there waiting for you when things change. And things change, that is one constant in Eve 0.0 space ;)Plus, since this is the first iteration of FW you can expect lots of rough edges and bumps as people get into it. Maybe in 6 months when you feel a need for a change it will be polished and ready for you to step in and just Pew Pew all over.And last point, it may be at some point in the future releases that Alliances are allowed to join in. But if they keep that 0.5 faction standing requirement I don't expect many will be able to.Cheers! KK

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