Changes are a coming

So it looks like June 10th will be the launch of Empyrean age. the winds of change are surely blowing…sometimes you sail with the wind, sometimes you tack against it…time will tell which is the way I will go.

Yesterday, one of our guys decided he had “enough” abruptly stopped running the POS program that he had setup, to say it is complicated, does not give him enough credit. He is a very talented guy, and I hope once he gets some time away, he will come back and join us. His ability to manage a HUGE number of POS’s and the ability to manufacturer was important to the corp. I am glad we have others willing to take up the slack as it were. We have started to analyze what was being done, in detail, and to see how things could be broken down so that one man doesn’t have to do it all. One man should NOT have to “do it all” and sadly we (all members not just CEO’s) should not have let it get this way. We are trying to fix that burdensome beast and bring it under some control.

On the PvP front, I finally helped take out a Moa trying to slip through the m-o gate from Taisy. A word to the wise, if you are not blue to the corps in this region watch out. Yesterday we had some nice placement of bubbles. 1 Warp disruption, 1 large mobile, and 1 small mobile. Sadly, we only had 3 ships jump in which were quickly vaporized. The reason I say word to the wise is that a guy on the gate had a sensor resolution in excess if 1750 or so his lock time has to be 1/2 a second or so, brutally fast. All coming through not blue were dispatched with quickness.


I drove my shiny new jaguar out there and liked the increase in firepower and a increase in the amount of “tank” I have. To date, I have not jumped on the philosophy that some of my alliance brethren have, either “tanking” or “ganking” …but not both. I currently do both so perhaps a change of mindset is on order. The jaguar is a nice lil PvP Frigate so maybe forgetting about the defense and going for more firepower is called for.

Lastly, I have been debating how to deal with what one of our veterans told me. His belief is to get good in one ship, (max level 5 skills) then move on to a new ship. I like new ships, to explore their possibilities and honestly I loathe staying in only 1 type of ship. To balance out the need for ships with the need to be “good” in ships was what I took away from this…what do you all think?

p.s. (i’m using scribefire to publish this so we will see how it goes)

~ by Manasiv5 on May 29, 2008.

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