I hate losing ships

Ok, so my Jaguar went up in flames. sigh…god I hate that. me the victim
Well as it turns out heres what happened.
A large fleet 70 or so was traversing the Tribute territory.
I hopped into my nice jaguar to see if I could help, I warped into 15w and escaped a crow and a huginn on the gate.
Feeling a little smug as both of them are nasty ships I stayed outside the station.
Chatting with a friend I aligned to the sun and accidentally double clicked.
At 5000m away I realized what I had done and a nice rapier came along and pinned me down while his warrior 2 drones ate me up.

I docked the pod in the station and wrote him a note. The guy was very cool and did not loot all my gear nor salvage my ship ( which I was able to do). I thanked him for this as he was nice enough to respond. He left my gear and disappeared after MM jumped into the system in another large fleet.

So as with the damned overview incident I wrote about 2 weeks ago, my own stupid mistake cost me the ship. A lesson well worth learning. If you are going to stay outside a station make sure you are 400m or so, in case you need to dock quickly.

Cubana69, from eXceed I thank you for your kindness on this n00b PvP’er.


~ by Manasiv5 on May 30, 2008.

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