Exodus (Greek: “departure”)

So the Exodus has begun. What exodus you might ask?

Well on Thursday there was credible info released to us the a rather large fleet was going to rampage where we live. When I say large I mean several 100 man roving gangs that are “red” to us. Too much cost, versus too small a benefit. There have been quite few 25 to 30 man fleets hopping around where we “live”. These smaller fleets have been hard enough, so “eject, eject, eject”.

Readers will know that I love my “home”, for those that are new though, suffice it to say we have a tremendous amount of ISK sitting at”home” that would be a rather devastating loss to most people. I do not have info on how much but ans estimate of 12Billion is for the structures and the fuels and the items surrounding our infrastructure would not be too far off.

The Alliance we are a part of will suffer as a result of this withdraw, but they are good men and women and we will still provide help where available.

Taking down structures around POS’s frankly sucks. I spent a huge amount of time on Sunday (upwards of 14 hours) lending a hand and we only took down several POS’s. Every item takes 20 minutes to un-anchor, most POS have 20-30 items, you can do the math. I was certainly not alone we had several guys that spent the better part of 48 hours online ( the exceptions were DT’s) organizing and configuring things.

My new home is back in the Forge Region, a place I know relatively well.

I have mixed feelings about this.
If I have not said before I am a realist, I look at the cost and the benefit and weigh it out in my head to see what is better.

This move was for the better. On Thursday evening I was not a happy guy hearing all this for the first time, but I accepted it based on info given, subsequent information has provided me with the outlook that we made the right choice. 3 sets of roving gangs appeared in our area and it was a good thing we were well on our way to getting the hell out of dodge.

Sadly dear reader, I cannot divulge all info regarding these moves,and suspected incoming fleets as I am protecting my sources. Where we will go from here? Unsure, if we stay in the alliance for a while that is fine by me I like the men and women of Fallout a great deal.

Perhaps we will go rogue and beat the hell out of all comers.., perhaps we will become Mercs (doubtful, take no offense please Winterblink or Urban Mongrel) Who knew how prophetic my other post would be blog would be eh?

~ by Manasiv5 on June 2, 2008.

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  1. Thanks spectre I fixed the link. I have been in a 25 man fleet but that was it. As far as moving …well as Crazykinux reminded me nothing stays static forever.

  2. Sorry to hear about the move Manasi. I can't imagine what a 30 to 100 man fleet would be like… I think the most ships I've ever flown with is like 5.Your link at the bottom of the post is messed up by the way… I think you accidentally concatenated a wikipedia link and a blog link into one big link 🙂

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