Perhaps we have found a new home

The members of Ceptacemia, may indeed have found a new home. We are not 100% sure yet if it will meet our demands but it has several things going for it. 1) It is 0.0 2) We have a contact inside that space that says it is a good place to live,as it were. 3) Our carrier pilots have agreed to shuttle some gear for us.

I am bringing the Wolf ( a new purchase) and 2 interceptors all loaded out. ( I actually have to find the second interceptor, with 4 carriers it could be a few places.)

Looks like we will be housed in an NPC station. First time trying that situation for sure, so we shall see what comes to pass.

I am still very much on track to fly a Huginn and Rapier, the Vagabond & Muninn wont be too far behind either.

I found out last night from one of our guys (confirmed by yet another corp mate) that Huginn & Muninn come from Norse mythology they act as Odin’s eyes. Very cool.

In other news the old alliance looks like it is due for some hard times, a few corps leaving and whatnot… Kind of sad, I like many of the fellows there and I enjoyed my time with them immensely.

There was a TS incident that was VERY funny that I will not forget. A young lady (I assume she is a lady by her mannerisms on TS, obviously i could tell she was female) was talking to me and there was a British guy that loved to listen to her voice. He would join the conversation then be silent for a minute or two….after several of the breaks I PM’d her to ask if she knew what was going on. She did not. Long story short there were 3-4 minute gaps in conversation from him when she was talking and well he was breathless after a particularly lengthy discussion with me about the load out of her thorax… he was well, to say breathless doesn’t quite cover it. Lets say he was WAY more “relaxed” after the ummm “break” I still laugh me ass off thinking about that one.

On to bigger and better things. Training of small projectile 5 is almost done and then my good friends we shall fit the T2 variants of the projectile and become a respectable ship.

Enough musing from this mule, keep your head down and keep on chugging the end of the trail is over the rise….


~ by Manasiv5 on June 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Perhaps we have found a new home”

  1. Very funny anecdote.And here I was thinking that moment of speechlessness from guys on Vent the first time they hear *my* voice was simple shock. Now I wonder.

  2. yes indeed he was "relaxed" a bit more after it……

  3. Damn, she must have a *great* voice!

  4. How r..e..l..a..x was he actually?lol

  5. omg was he um… doing something while the lady was talking? hilarious!

  6. Training for a Rapier… *shudder*No ship scares me more. I hate facing those things.

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