Cyno generator for a chimera

So here is a cyno generator field, I set up for one of our Chimera Pilots. I was in a little destroyer in the .4 region of Otanuomi.

I enjoyed the process and I really learned about the drawbacks about a Carrier (only using Cyno’s to jump) and how much that is really a Pain In The Ass, (PITA) for short.

I have now moved into a new temporary home in the Stain region. Nice place, and interesting being in 0.0 NPC controlled regions. Asteroids do not seem to be nearly as profitable here as in my old home off of Tribute and the Vale of the Silent.

As much as I like my new home, there certainly seems to be a lack of manufacturing capabilities of material (modules, ammo) or ships. Perhaps a carrier pilot can jump some BPC’s up for us so that we can manufacture things to use. 15 -18 jumps away for materials makes it tough indeed to fit out a ship.

Empyrean Age (EA) goes live today so we will see what that holds for us within Ceptacemia.

Some pictures as promised:

Launching a cyno field

Inbound Chimera:

A small follow-up about the Team Speak note:

1) Ombey -yes she did have a “incredible voice”..
2) Bri – He was well….. rather indisposed(background fapping sound, we heard nothign till he got back on coms)…… while she was talking to me..
3) CK- He seemed R E L A X E D “afterwards”…
4) Spectre, thats why I want the rapier!

~ by Manasiv5 on June 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Cyno generator for a chimera”

  1. I understand your trepidation Adam…I really do..

  2. Every time I see an enemy cyno, I feel the urge to flee instantaneously. I didn't used to feel it, but ever since a Titan came through in one engagement (and blew me away) I get antsy.

  3. I'll have my chimera in less than a month, I'm so excited!

  4. Cynos are some of the prettiest animations in EVE…that second capture of yours is really nice.

  5. Nice effect! Love your screenshot mate! You've got the eye fo it.CK

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