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If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a bit undecided leaning towards “what does this hold for me” type attitude with EA. No more beating that dead horse. The mule is dug in and will not budge. 🙂

On game side news Ceptacemia continues to move its many assets into stain, not all mind you, but with 5 carrier pilots plus one rhea driver most of the folks at Cepta have a massive amount of stuff. All the folks that fly these wonderful jumping ships have my respect and admiration. Logistically moving out of our old area with 16 POS running ( a POS network was a common saying there) was a HUGE undertaking, without the carrier pilots and the Rhea pilot we would never have been able to do it at all.

SO the moves continue, I have a Vexor I have fitted out for ratting, as well as my stiletto (7km/s) and a crow (6500km/s) for PvP, so we will see what happens there. The Vexor is waiting to go there but for now I am biding my time.

Ill take some more shots as CrazyKinux seemed to like em. Hope that there are plenty of targets for your PvPers, otherwise hang tough out there.


~ by Manasiv5 on June 13, 2008.

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  1. You bet you I like them!!

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