Revised rules for living in 0.0

This is a repost from before but if you think I should adjust any of these let me know with a comment….

1) Grinding (Empire Hi security systems) factions for jump clones is a waste, simply train the skill and then find a 0.0 station and jump, viola a J.C. will be created.

2) Fitting you ship in 0.0 is a pain in the ass when your gear is locked inside giant and huge containers…. Only way to get gear out after putting it into Giant and huge containers is to launch a hauler, move cargo into hauler, open cargo can then move it back to the station…simply put this mechanic sucks ass. NPC stations ( if you can find them are VERY nice workaround for this)

3) Moving between ships in 0.0 (without s station) is a piece of cake, launch the ship you want, right click->board ship.

4) Rats in 0.0 drop good loot and lots of it. Refine it for minerals!

5) Mining in 0.0 is a even bigger PITA with the best refiner you lose 75% have a way to transport Ore to hi sec or Low sec so you can refine it….just know this ahead of time.
(AGAIN a NPC station REALLY HELPS with this)

6) Detach the local widow and never close it..always and forever watch local! Watch your intel channels as well.

7) When in doubt refer to rule 7

~ by Manasiv5 on June 17, 2008.

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