Some blog edits

Hey guys changed the blog format slightly. To participate in the block pack he described I found a nice little tool that(as of today) is part of Blogspot…

So, on the right side of the screen you’ll see each blog listed (in the blog pack) and the last time they were updated…hope you find it useful.

More updated tomorrow as I did not play last night. Took some good shots of my second account. She was originally an account for my wife, who lost interest, so I am taking the account back and she is training for Amarr and Gallente ships. So far she flies Amarr frigs and Amarr cruisers, perhaps some faction warfare will be in the future.

Anyways I’ll post some pics of the punisher and lasers and some nice SS I took.

More on Manasi tommorrow.

-The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on June 18, 2008.

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  1. CK – if you customize the blog and select add page element ( it was the top one for me)

  2. Yeah, that 'blog last updated' tool is nifty- wonder if WordPress do something similar

  3. Mmmm, interesting. Where and how did you get that?

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