The Punisher & the Hurricane

Hey all, I promised a blog about ships and what not for you.

First up is the Punisher: Class:Frigate, Type:laser Fittings: 4/2/4 Hardpoints: 3 turrets
Pros: inexpensive, decent Capacitor, decent armor (for its size), good resists
Cons: CPU a little low, only 2 mid slots, targeting range

Next up the Hurricane: Class: Battlecruiser Type: projectile Fittings: 8/4/6 Hardpoints: 6 turrets, 3 launchers.
Pros: firepower, agility for it’s class, decent Capacitor, good armor resists, decent speed for its class
Cons: skills needed for advanced T2 projectile weapons, can have decent shields but really setup for armor tanking. Split shield versus armor setups are tough to do…

Why all this discussion about these two ships?

Well, Manasi is able to fly the hurricane ( not effectively fight in it) but fly it yes. More on that in a minute. My second account flies the Punisher.

The observations above are MY views on the ships. They may change over time. The note, the Hurricane is a beast of a ship when setup properly it is capable of incredible firepower. I just currently lack the skills needed for T2 medium projectile guns, should have that in about a day or two.

So these were my two playthings at the moment ( actually the hurricane was too dangerous to play with if you do not know how to fly it well in 0.0)

As promised more screen shot goodness for you who like them.


Punisher 1

Punisher 2

~ by Manasiv5 on June 19, 2008.

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