Finally some conflict

Well I finally got some Action. The fellas from eXceed ( down the way from me a bit) were looking for some fun, I joined their gang and we took it to Atlas. We proceeded along a path that had others join onto our fleet. We had the following: Hurricane (fit for tanking) Crow (tackling) Stiletto (tackling) Falcon (Jammer) Ishtar, Rapier, Ares. Yes a little light on firepower but none the less we headed into NRT4 to see what we oculd find.

We found the following: Dominix, Wolf, Harbinger hugging the station. The Hurricane ( brave guy drew aggro) as soon as he drew aggro we all warped in on Domi. Domi was primary, then the Abaddon, then the wolf.

Falcon jammed all down hard. I leapt in and let missles fly looking for drones…none that I could see so I began a tactic, full MWD and bounce the Dominix from within the docking ring. Took a couple minutes as he was heavily tanked but in the end he went poof.

Next up was the Harbinger. We lost the ishtar but the Harbinger was killed. Then , in short order the Wolf.

All in all I say well fought gents in eXceed! And Boo to Atlas for station hugging. By the way a Rapier and a Vagabond briefly thought about enagaing then docked up, had they come out we might have lost it all.

I will be on a work trip till Thursday so no updates for now.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 23, 2008.

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