Sigh…just wen I thought things were good

So, I am back from my business trip and such. i log in yesterday to see two e-mails from corpmates saying they will not be playing much …blah blah blah. Well for christs sake I have known this for 2 months. Now they tell me? Grrrrr. Such is life though. Honestly this is a seriuos business (or at least I take it that way) but sometimes you get maudlin about how things are going etc etc.

The guys that did relocate after our exodous are doing well, saw some nice atlas kills while I was gone for a day or three.

The Great news..I will be in rapier in slightly less than 19 days ( my training alt has good implants to be sure) Initially I thought it would take 32 but those implants helped a ton. ( just +4’s but every bit helps)

So in my build-up to the huginn, rapier, muninnn, Vagabond, I try to learn patience as best I can and continue to read others blogs.

2 Bloggers form my list are on hiatus , but I wont remove them till they stop posting.

TC for now and we will see what the future brings.


~ by Manasiv5 on June 26, 2008.

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