Corporation Burnout? or Game Burnout?

Hey all been doing some serious thinking while I have been on “hiatus”, and I hit upon an idea I thought I would post out there for folks to comment on.

Two types of burnout, the 1st ( fairly well documented by one of the blogpack is game burnout. From Hardcore Casual June26th post he describes some interesting information about burnout and how to avoid it.

For those that do not know me Ceptacemia is who I fly with. I really enjoy my time with these fellas and I find myself more at ease with them than many other Guilds, Corporations, and whatnot, I have ever played with. The only exception was Mighty Shogun on the Povar Surver with WoW. Yes I did play , no I do not any longer, nor will I play it again, been there done that no need to go back. Anyways back to my point.

Many times I feel I have hit a wall with a particular game, this has NOT happened in EvE. What has happened is that the guys i fly with just are not on any longer. No, if’s, ands, or buts. They just don’t play much anymore. For those that think solo is the way to go in EvE, think again. Solo sucks, easier to die, easier to get trapped, easier for all those that are flying in groups to take you out right quick. In 0.0 space you MUST fly with people you know and trust.

NBKI ( not blue kill it ) has been the rule where I ahve lived in the past( Tribute/ Vale of the Silent), and even now in Stain. Needless to say, that Atlas has been speneding time in Stain after getting beat to hell elsewhere ( according to reports I have read that is). SO the heat around where I currently call home requires that I fly with a group.

So, with all this being said, should I look for a new corporation? Not sure to be honest. I love to pilot my make believe spaceship through make believe areas and take out other players (sounds dumb but it really is a great deal of fun) The people is what keeps drawing me back. I like these guys a hell of a lot. When on, I can hang with them, chat and when needed, no questions we all get together and do what we can to help each other out. Sad thing is lately, there has not been many on. ( One of the reasons I took a break) Subscription is paid (I do not play that game) but I’d like others opinions.

Have you left a Corp? If so how did it go finding a new one?

As per my modus operandi, I am stubborn and I cannot guaranetee that I will do as suggested (please do post your comments) but let me know how it went for you folks.

-The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on July 7, 2008.

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  1. Sad to hear about the corp, back near the start of Insurgency I had the same problem (corp burnout), and ended up drifting for a while, went from System-Lords to INFOD, then eventually round to CELES which I'm proud to say is my home today!Good luck!

  2. hey, thanks for the bday wishes!sorry to hear about corp woes.. while i've never had the problem of having friends go inactive, i've had the far worse problem of e-drama and the entire alliance falling apart, lol. so everytime i switch corps it's based on someone else's recommendations or someone i know in the corp that i'm moving to. for example, i joined game-over because 1) i earned a good reputation in insurgency and 2) i'm a girl.try working your PR skills with people you know. you'll never know what that will land you. are you looking for low sec or 0.0?

  3. Thanks to both of you for the comments. I agree that things like the recruitment forum and whatnot are available to me. FW won't work ( my Corp is in an alliance) My alt is training up Amarr cruiser skills to 5 though so Ill get to play with that avatar at least. AS far as FW goes I see little point ( EXCEPT more players on the field) so who knows….Thanks again.-The Mule

  4. Have you tried some factional warfare ? That might be fun. There is also a piece on my blog on burnout. I have been with the same corp almost since I started and we've been through a lot of changes. Maybe if you look at the recruitement forum, you might find something you like. It will take some adjusting to new people and maybe some corphopping to find the right one though.- Morph

  5. Finding a good group to fly with and keeping them together is always hard work in Eve. Unfortunately, it often requires a trial basis multiple times to find the right corporation for you.I agree about the solo bit; playing Eve alone is nowhere near as much fun.

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