Rapier, I know thy name, not thy cost

Hurray! Manasi can now fly a rapier! I don’t actually have the $ for it yet but i can certainly fly it. Normally I save up the money I need for the ship and then purchase it and then fly it. This time around due to my hiatus I was unable to do that. I Clone jumped to Stain to check prices there and was staggered.

At about 90M in Empire I was not sure what to expected. They were running around 110M. The modules etc I have in spades.

Before I roll into something with a bit more firepower I will have to train up Wep upgrades and adv wep upgrades. But I went off point.

Point was I had saved some money ( about 75M ) so Ibought the recon skill and that was 28M…yikes. The I bought Assualt Ships ( another 28M) and now well I am stuck for abit till I get more money..sometimes I forget to plan and this crap happens.

Buying the assualt ship skills was well a small mistake, not that I won’t use it ( I will but I bought it too soon)

So, now i need to go hunt some pirates and make some money.

Enough for now maybe ill try a coprmates rapier and she how she handles.


~ by Manasiv5 on July 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rapier, I know thy name, not thy cost”

  1. Rapiers are full of win in small anti-nano gangs. They're pretty expensive to fit well (I gave up on polycarbs and fit thrusters or low-friction nozzles) and can be pretty fragile if primaried. I fly one on my alt and most nano ships run away from rapiers!

  2. hmmm….I heard that Decon is full of pirates. *evil grin* C'mon over for a visit and bring friends!

  3. You are not my friend anymore. Rapiers are evil, awful things and you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering flying one.

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