Deciding what to do….

As those of you who have read this for some time realize I like to see whether or not I am off my rocker on certain ideas I have from time to time.

Playing as long as I have in EVE, I live there with three constraints:

LOCATION is important
Tribute and Vale of the Silent was like living off of the interstate ( in the USA) for better or worse that means the following:


  1. Lots of traffic to peruse and destroy if you can
  2. Some quite good systems to Rat/Mine/Explore..with easy access to said systems
  3. Easy access to Empire space to sell gear etc…
  4. Expensive upkeep of POS stations and the development of seriouus defensive capability


  1. You never know what the traffic will bring, sometimes hapless half wits who cannot fly their internet space ship with absolutely hilarious fittings or seasoned vet who scare the crap out of people
  2. With ease of access rather large nasty gangs can hop on you very quickly and intelligence ( or lack thereof) becomes a huge tactical decision maker
  3. People who want the location you and can ( by being close to empire) wag serious war against you
  4. Loss of your POS network to Capital ships and Battleship fleets

Living in Stain is much like living off a deserted country road. Your not quite sure where the hell everyone lives as there are only a few “houses” (NPC stations)

Now the Mule ( that’s me) does not like the country life in general. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t like it much…too much boredom waiting for shit to happen.

If no one else is around you have to rely upon yourself and solo fighting in 0.0 contested space is ahuge no’ll be destroyed and lose it all in the end.

I like the hustle and bustle of things.

COST of living is important

first things first, you must have isk ( which of late seems to be in VERY SHORT SUPPLY)I think I will head to Empire and see if I can run missions for a time to make some $

Living in Stain is very expensive and even finding modules is tough to do.

Having people on to play with is important

Having more than 5 people on ( regardless of the number of avatars they control is critical )
A gang can overwhelm you without much difficulty

There is no “back up” if you fly less than three man gang your signing a death warrant in advance unless you are in a cloaking group ( I do not play that way, unless forced to)

When any one of these contraints is out of balance it affects the other two…

When all three are out of whack thats when I take a break.

I’m interested in your thoughts folks os please do not be shy.


~ by Manasiv5 on July 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Deciding what to do….”

  1. Uh oh, we may be shooting each other- we have come down to Stain and Esoteria in the past cpl of days!I fly a Rapier/ Huginn, will be interested to see how this affects things.

  2. I have a feeling that your Rapier will still be plenty useful after the nerf, it just won't be unbelievably overpowered anymore. You will still be able to double-web people from extreme range and knock them down to almost a standstill even with 60% webs.

  3. i've died a lot and killed a lot in tribute just camping those chokes to empire, so the pvper will never be bored in tribute.that said, unless you are in MM/Pure/Razor/NNC, keeping tribute is strategically difficult and expensive. stain is a much better area for a small/mid-sized alliance trying to get its footing in 0.0. you've seen what happened to insurgency when we took branch.however, for ratting and moon mining purposes, tribute still beats stain. so if your corp is well-regarded enough to join the NNC, and isn't averse to doing so, then it's a good way to live in tribute.

  4. LOL CK you crack me up…btw did you see the dev blog…lol…all that and I still don't have a rapier ..too funny how things change. Oh and BTW you got nothing to fear from me bro I'd never shoot ya, not even if you were with Crovan and alsedricch in a gang 🙂

  5. Mmm, in terms of ratting tactics you know I can't help you even if my life depended on it. Which in-game it does and that hasn't help me a bit.I will make myself really small though, hide behind this asteroid and listen in on the conversation if you don't mind.Maybe this old carebear will learn something new and be able to better defend himself against folks like yourself!

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