is I or is I not a pirate?

Last week (actaully Friday or Saturday) I was accused gentle reader, by my good fellow blogger CrazyKinux as being a pirate. Now the Mule is a kind, if not stubborn soul, that well when provoked unleashes as much hell as possible and usually does not stop till satisfaction (I’m talking the merry old england style of satisfaction too) feels satiated.

So maybe that makes me a pirate?

I don’t know. I thought Pirates don’t give a crap about hurting anyone, take ransoms set up blockades in low sec secuirty systems, and don’t give a crap about their sec status.

Me? Well ok I don’t care abouthurting someone’s make believe space ship…I feel the loss of time though ever so slghtly when all the screens go boom and their pod sits there (Oh i must admit that I do like to pod people), I do not nor will I take ransoms, I do not HI sec gank people,a nd I covet my 4.4 sec status. See I’m a law abiding, don’t mess with me or you’ll face retribution kind of guy. ( wait a minute weren’t a large nuber of pirates that way too?)…

SO anyways, what do you think am I a nasty mean ole pirate or is The Mule just a stubborn guy you don’t want to shoot at?

( BTW ty CK for being the catalyst around this question ,you know im kidding with the throwing the gloves at ya 🙂 )

Oh yes I like many bloggers relish the new changes the fellas and ladies at CCP have in store for us. Being a interceptor pilot (mainly) and having trainied minmatar to 5 I admit it might not loook too good atm but hey I like to adapt, to change to overcome.

/puts tin foil hat on with a silver eye patch
/flame on!


~ by Manasiv5 on July 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “is I or is I not a pirate?”

  1. Getting retribution for someone annoying you isnt piracy… preying on those who can't fight back or havent provoked you in any way is piracy in my eyes… having fair fights and a bit of banter with your killers/victims afterwards is just enjoying the PVP aspect of the game.So I dunno… if you take the easy kill if it presents itself, then maybe you could be… if you try and engineer the fights so they are on equal odds or at least not until someone deserves a good laser blast up their tailpipe, well… thats just Eve.

  2. You is a stealth pirate!!! I bet you whisper "yarrrrrr" under your breath when you kill someone, but you make sure no one hears you. *grin*

  3. You are not a pirate. Pre-req's for being a pirate are:(1) Blinky redness (-5 sec status)(2) Parrot on your shoulder(3) The ability to say "Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" in a least four different languages

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