Decisions made

Well after some careful thought and whatnot i’ve pretty much figured out what I am going to do.

Like most Mule style behavior it does come down to stubbornness. I am going to stick with My corporation with some following ideas.

Winterblink and Urban Mongral from WDA helped me in part by mentioning the idea of selling things off and downsizing items in 0.0 areas rather than trying to run pipes (pipes being choke points getting into and out of regions usually camped) with expensive gear.

So I’m downsizing my posseions, trying to move them to a more central point in case I need to move from Stain.

2 people offered me a space in their coporations ( which I GREATLY appreciate)

Our alliance is starting to ramp up (summer may be ending in 1 month so more people will hopefully play again ) & a Large Corp in the US TZ may join so more people to hang with.

I will wait it out to see if more things happen ( sitting in a station being th eonly one in Corp in a particular area of 0.0 is not fun) in the Fall (just around the corner) and if not then we will part ways.

Several people offered me some good advice which I appreciate and will take.

CK still has not apologized for the dastardly insult at calling me a pirate… and I may have to hunt down his operation and take out a few critical components (I’ll keep an eye out for Crovan and Al) 🙂 j/k bro you know I woudln’t shoot ya.

Anyways thanks for the input and the helpfull feedback!


~ by Manasiv5 on July 31, 2008.

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