My beginnings

SO I am back to running a mission or two in Empire while I wait out some longish training ( nothing like the 25 days for minmatar level 5 cruiser but long enough). Manasi is an old Avatar for those that don’t know me he was started in May the 30th in 2003. For many moons I was a miner with Mining Unlimted. Several officers in the Corporation were in a wreck and I could not bear to get close to people that might perish that way, so I stopped playing for a while…a LONG while… flash forward to 2007 September. I kept an eye on CCP and decided to try it again.

1 intern I hired had started it again and I met the corporation I joined when I came back.
From this corp I moved to a busier corp with more people and until this summer had been a steady player 3-4 nights a week at least.

When I came back I foolishly had trained a broad spectrum of skills ( before I left , no one knew how to train anything) so I came back and had a huge training grind but enjoyed some time mined some and took a recollection of what had changed in 4 years…needless to say TONS.

Manasi started with a frigate and 0 points, now he is cresting about 13.2 million. Long way indeed but longer road ahead to be certain.

Cut my teeth fly an interceptor and I loved it, still do just waiting for more firendlies to fly with.

SO whats all this mean? Well I am a stubborn guy that makes up his mind usually decidedly once I know all the facts. Manasi is a good diversion from RL and I still enjoy flying around EvE

Went to my first EvE meet this year in philly had fun, but I do not drink too much so I just hung out with some nice people got Zapatero’s autograph ( I recognized him through CK’s blog about meeting Zapatero)

This sorta catches you up to where I am now. I sya SOrta as you’ll hopefully enjoy the month of blogging I’m going to try to do.

CK has a little challege about posting once a day so I’ll try to keep up. Ill post info about ships and whatnot that I fly and my views on them from both a PvP and a (dare I say) it a Carebear PoV.

Hopefully people will find it interesting.

I like, and will read all comments, so don’t be shy and watch your comment boards I troll there a good amount.


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  1. Looks like we won't be alone with the post-a-day challenge. Good luck to us all!!

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