Manasi's ships and a favorite ship,

So as we learned on Friday, Manasi is an old Character that came back to the game, after a long hiatus.

Here is a small pic of some of the ships I fly a fairly broad and a diverse group. I am moving all the ships I fly to a central rally point to make my life easier, granted the list does not fit the specialize and do one thing really well mentality but so what.

One thing I vehemently agree with is do whatever makes sense to you, who cares what others think?

I was going to list all the ships I fly but rather than that I want to talk about the fun ships:

1st Any Battle cruiser…I just love em, tons of firepower, incredible durability, ability to launch fleets of drones, fleets of missiles or unleash barrages of laser or artillery. Whatever your flavor they simply are a ton of fun to fly.

The Drake is a shield tanking MASTER, this beast not onyl packs 7 heavy launchers but the shield tank in the right hands is downright unbelievable. The year 5 EvE tournament showed how tough drakes can be with the right pilot, passive tank for the win! ( by passive n active modules need to be lit up to gain defense) a little more challengeing is active shield tanking in the drake, can be done, I’ve seen some nice results as “bait” ships that lure pirates to their doom, when the group jumps in on em.

This shot of the rokh reminds me of a 1980’s cartoon with a humongoes spacefaring battleship…I cannot remeber the name though! Had a big ole doomsday like cannon in her bow and poof destroyed enemies fast. That plus I love Iowa class battleships to begin with. If you look at the picture the beast is moving SIDEWAYS due to force of the shot.

Another shot of my most beloved ship the Caldari tier 3 battleship The “Rokh”

Yes I missed posting yesterday, I had major router issues and discovered that the actiontec FIOS router has perhaps the worst DHCP server ever made installed in it.

-The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on August 3, 2008.

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  1. Thanks all Star blazers it was/is!Sorry about the private image thing I was tinkering all day with thatManasi

  2. Star Blazers…an all-time favorite: You could also be thinking of the SDF-1 from Robotech (Macross):

  3. Actually, the cartoon WAS a japanime, but the name was "Captain Harlock", or "My Youth in Arcadia". Ran 84 episodes. Excellent show, it's the very reason why I play Eve today.

  4. The first picture links to a private Flickr image and cannot be seen.The cartoon you are thinking of is probably the Japanese anime, Space Battleship Yamato, known as Star Blazers in the US.

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