Rapier and fast ships

Hey all, rather than just saying before as I did that I like the speed changes I did some reading. This EvE Tribune article comes really close to my thouights. It is well written and well thought out providing a good overview and the thought of these impacts to the game

Article from EVE tribune

I am not a rich pilot, but when I get enough money to replace a ship I fly, then I fly it.

The changes in speed really were at the top end ( snake implants costing
Billions) ( polycarb rigs going for 80M) I just cannot, due to lack of money, but more importantly I do not want these things.

Yes I trained to a rapier, the main reason for me training to it was just how fragile my crow is. one hit from a T2 sentinel drone almost killed me before i got up to speed, in my early days of PvP in the Tribute region. The main reason I wanted the rapier was for increased durability, higher web range, and still the ability to move about very quickly.

Those reasons have not changed at all and as this ship will still be one of the fastest T2 cruisers around it gives me a measure of ability to not cry “nerf”

So, I’m still looking forward to them, still be a nice ship to fly on my way to a T2 HAC. Just not an uber pwn mobile, which is a good thing.

Thats all for now, TC

-Manasi The Mule

Rather than a new post here are some pictures of the new rapier I took:

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~ by Manasiv5 on August 4, 2008.

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  1. I honestly don't care about the nerf. Or so called nerf…seem sliek I will still be fast just not inesacpable any longer, which is ok, "don't fly what you cannot afford to lose" 🙂

  2. Well you will still be affected by the OD/Nano/IS stacking nerf and the OD nerf and the ship speed normalization nerf/buff and the web nerf. Muhahaha I knew this day was coming! At least you can easily train over another Recon or T2 cruiser easily 🙂

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