Golden rule of EvE (day 5 of the CK challenge)

“Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose.”

This rule has been with us since we started and it bears repeating and repeating.

Of late new people have joined EvE and they often forget this rule. I live and die by it.

I normally work it out like this:

(Ship cost + module cost (incl ammo cost) + insurance – cash on hand)= amount needed to replace

Rapier with a mixed up fit as an example

Ship cost 72M

Mod cost : 35.75M

  • Hi Module cost (3 X 720MM prototype gauss(750K)(ammo 1.5m) + 1 Covert op cloak(12M)
  • Mid module cost (1 X T2 stasis web(1.5M), 1 X T2 Warp disruptor(1.0M), T2 MWD (2m), 2LSEII(3M), T2 Sensor booster(3m)
  • Low module cost (2X T2 gyrostabilzers(3m) ,1 SPR(500k), 1 T2 PDU(2m)
  • Insurance 15M which costs 5M

Total costs 112.75M

Insurance 15M

Cash on hand needed to replace her and all her mods 97.75M

There we are. Seems like a lot of work and many of these numbers are from memory or whatnot. I know many people have mods laying around, don’t just fit mods to fit mods.

Think about what you want it to do. The setup above is for a little bit of solo play/ and or scouting if needed, really lent towards scouting as she has a little bit of a shield buffer, this is not fit for a gang or for solo ganking PvP…just an illustration

~ by Manasiv5 on August 5, 2008.

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  1. exactly right spectre, probably not a great choice of ships in describing the rapier. It was in the forefront.

  2. I do find that you can stretch things one way or another based upon the ship type. In a Rapier, if flown right, you are not going to be in harms way very often. You can cloak, you can move fast and you can web people down to nothing. In these situations it is probably ok to overspend a little.

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