CK challenge day 6

Well suicide ganking may be dieing (or will incur serious consequences). I wrote to Morphistat and to Ombey and “blinky”. I am happy this has come about. More comments when I get home.

OK so more on this:

“Suicide ganking” is defined as equipping a Battleship class ship or Battlecruiser ( that can withstand gate gun damage, or a second or two of concord…) finding a hapless miner or victim ( I hate the word as it is overused but in this case accurate) blasting him down as fast as possible and killing him ( you get podded too) meanwhile your cohorts slavage your ship, take the victims loots and salvage his ship you head back to the station and pick up your insurance check.

Depending on how good you are about choosing tragets you can certainly make money this way.

The thing is this, this tactic is often used agianst people that understand very little, may be extremely new to the game or just ( like CK and others as well, just don’t want to engage in PvP )

SO this was dealt a severe blow to those that practice this tactic as the insurance reward will be ended and the criminal flag will be severe as well…As i mentioned before this tactic (while technically viable can probably only be used once or twice and will relegate you to travelling around in your pod or deep 0.0.

What do you all think?

~ by Manasiv5 on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “CK challenge day 6”

  1. I'm happy with tweaks CCP are putting into place. Technically I'm not necessarily against it, just the fact that the rewards were too great and the punishment too easy.

  2. I'm missing something Graeme, do you mean that you can make money or you cannot make money?

  3. I'd disagree with the "can make money this way statement".Insurance is so f'ed up you can make money by opening up on the gate guns with certain ships.

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