EvE & cleaning up my "home"

Winterblink mentioned how he moves and consolidates and then sells off, finally I have finished all my consolidation tasks. I have moved all my gear out of Otanoumi, and moved it all to a more “Central” area. I say central as I am unsure if where i will bring all my gear and what not. It took a LOT longer as I do not have a carrier or any fieghter of any sort so I even trained my gallente indy skill up to 4. Who knows maybe ill go to 5 , maybe not.

Things with my corp are still exceedingly slow, which does not help me want to play any.

I even tried AoC, but well I have not even enjoyed that a whole lot. It seems as if hundreads of thousands of people just do not play much during the summer, who know whether this is true or not. Just seems to be a trend perhaps.

Thats all for now TC and good hunting


~ by Manasiv5 on August 7, 2008.

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