Bad Mule…. Bad, Bad, Bad,…. mule

I was bad I should be ashamed, if you missed the 29th Olympiad holy cow what an opener, but yet I feel no shame, I am a mule…*sits down

Well there got that out of the way šŸ™‚

CK mentioned that PPL is recruiting, so I applied maybe they will be on more than the fellas I have been with. 4-6 people controlling 12-14 accounts does not make a good enough fleet to PvP. Plain and simple as that, I love em all, but well, I cannot hold out any longer I NEED people active people to play with. Otherwise this is nothing more than the biggest single player MMO ever.

I’ll keep you all posted for now.

-The Mule

unrepentant as ever šŸ˜‰

~ by Manasiv5 on August 11, 2008.

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  1. Now that would be great!!

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