Submitted my resignation

Many who follow this blog will know about the good people in Ceptacemia.

All around some fantastic people, just not very many of them.

Makes playing EvE very difficult when you cannot go to the only people you trust to fly your wing are just not on, or are running 8/10 plex’s.

I started as a miner as some may know, switched to a mission runner, then to a PvP player now the pendulum swings again , this time i hope in a little different direction. Towards purpose, the on thing the mule likes is a good solid reason to do something. Hopefully either a new corp or a FW corp for that matter. I have applied to PPL and let the leadership know of my decision but still kinda tough. The best/worst time I have ever had was figting Exceed/ Tri in the Tribute and Vale of the Silent, some incredibly good times indeed.

Sadly I cannot go towards the solid PVP as I need money to be able to survive that life…and I simply do not have what reserves I think I should to risk some of my ships. One of the nice readers even offered me a slot in their Corp which I did not go for immediately. I pledge allegiance and take that oath very seriously. Such was my anguish at even thinking of leaving.

That is that time to higlight some fellow bloggers:

Some great bloggers

Very tough to keeping up writing every day I wil admit…. my hats off to Kirithi Kardachi he updates much more frequently than I can.

Ombey Who writes his blog so well I have come to REALLY appreciate his ability to blend the fiction into the reality that is EvE.

A real life couple of wonderful writers and I am sure incredibly beautiful women who YES actually play EvE ( it never hurts to compliment anyone)

Bri who writes “A Lady in Space” a nice writing style that is just about the perfect length and yet explains some of the political nightmares that make up EvE

And Mynxee who has a wonderful and very nice way of chatting with ppl who comment on her blog 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for now I’ll keep you all posted to where I end up!

-Manasi The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on August 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Submitted my resignation”

  1. It's so hard to leave friends…but it will be worth it when you find yourself having fun in a busy and active corp again. At least there are private channels where you can hang out with your old pals. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. Yeah, you had me worried too!!If I have understood your blog correctly, you are going NPC'ing to raise ISK? Once you get the ISKies together, and fancy PvP again, look me up. I do the recruitment for Obsidian Inc., so if you fancy a taste of merc life, just shout.In the meantime, fly safe!

  3. OK, I'll admit that post title scared the living shit out of me. Resignation, what Da Mule leaving EVE. Then I started ready and the cold sweats went away!Oh, corp resignation! Ah dear gods, why didn't you say so in the first place. Oh, you did. Right.Anyways, good luck with the job application!CrazyKinux

  4. Good Luck :).- Morph

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