So where to go ?

Well I should know more by Sunday night or so: I spoke with a nice guy from the Coproration CK hangs with P.P.L. (Phoenix Propulsion Labratories) for a while then he had to bail, after he left spoke with some the people about the operations of the Corp and whatnot. Good conversations very organized Corporation.

I also received an invitation from Ombey as well so I will talk to him, as soon as i can. I make decisions once I am presented with all of the facts for consideration. Two completely different Corporation Structures to say the least. I wil learn more once i chat with Ombey.

The two main things for me to enjoy the game are(ok, ok, so there are three) :

1) An active Corporation I need more than 2 people to PvP with 🙂
2) Players that don’t mind helping this older Mule, who cannot look at the screen and type ( yes I know some people do not understand this point I watch the KEYS WHEN I TYPE, there I admit it!) but I digress.
3) I have got to trust em ( which does not come fast I admit) but hey baby steps right?

The mule has a sizable stable of ships that I have aquired with myown stubborn pride, and sheer determination, if not dumb luck. I do NOT wish to see these culminations of my time go poof (small frigs aside I mean my beloved Rokh, and my lovely Raven)

SO I hope to say I am the proud member of XYZ Corp soon.

TC all..

Cepta guys you know I love you ( in a manly, battle scarred, wearing bunny slippers while I play) that last part is a small joke..:)

~ by Manasiv5 on August 15, 2008.

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