Valuable lessons in communication…the hard way

SO what can I say except sincere apologies for any drama my last few posts may have caused. I am human I screw up.

To the wonderful folks at P.P.L. thanks ever so much for agreeing to interview me
To Ombey and Obsidian also thanks for agreeing to interview me.

I am staying with Ceptacemia, seems they actually do need me, they are recruiting, and they are finally getting back into the swing of things after summer.

I know I should have waited longer but I saw the advertisement for PPL and Ombey was kind to offer me a look, as soon as I told my corp they were kind of shocked that I would leave, and I told em I cannot handle doing nothing.

The other thins was this, they were expecting me to ask them for help and I was expecting them to ask me for help. All of us are stubborn and do not like to ask for help, therefore no one was talking. Makes weird sense I agree but it explains a ton.

I need to communicate better.

With this in mind , with the promise of new recruits to be coming, and with some renewed confidence that my skill set ( although low, I have pride) is actually needed. I am returning to Cepta ( I never really left but I will cease trying to find another Corp.

To: CK Special thanks for trying to help me out, hope I did not leave a bad taste in Isuridae’s mouth and I apologized to him but let him know that I changed my mind.

To: Ombey you don’t even know me and you offered me a spot too! Thanks it means a great deal bro, if I can ever be of help please let me know I’ll do what I can.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 15, 2008.

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  1. No probs, glad you got it sorted- always better to stay with a group of people you already know, providing you can work through the issues.

  2. No need mate, as I've told you in game.

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