Back in the saddle again…and still learning

Well I arrived back in Stain without any fanfare, but glad to be “back” Had some interesting experiences which I will attempt to relay to you the valued reader.

If you’ll remember when we last saw Manasi he had a last minute appeal by his CEO’s to hang tough for just a smidge of time longer. SO agreeing to this I moved my gear from someplace in the citadel region back to the jump in vantage point to Stain we will call it system “Pain in the butt.” Did I mention before I don’t like pirates ( I mean the yarr i’ve a bigger e-peen and know batshit about anything except how to make life a PITA for you type of pirate) as opposed to the come into my sector and Ill lock you blow you away and say GF type.

My courier contract to move my gear OUT of stain had been rejected after I spoke to my friends and so I had a interceptor , and a wolf in Stain. I sent a mining barge and a rapier up on the next carrier run. Had some fun with a jackass trying to kill people as the undocked from a station( the definition of the yarr – e-peen pilot above) , wondering what the hell he was doing there rather than on the gate.

Got through he ws an idiot set course for my empire home, arrived and Clone jumped to Stain.

One day passes, we see a neutral kessie come in system. known to be cyno ships tried to pin him down but the wolf would not lock the bastard for some reason…still wondering why that was.

Poof Cyno goes off and Bamm carrier jumps in, hobgoblin II’s eat me up pow wolf is gone 😦

I hop out in my Crow (to bump the guy off the docking ring) and the STATION guns open up on her and bam she is destroyed as well…now I’m really grumpy, WTH why did the station guns open up on me…no idea…I looked at the killmails, no clue. I can surmise that when trying to target the hobgoblin II’s, I misclicked and shot the station instead with the wolf, and still had station aggro when I undocked.

Needless to say I was NOT pleased. I never saw a message or crap to say I’d engaged the station ( I mean hell I could not lock the kessie and my guns never even fired) before the Hobgoblins killed me, but whatever.

Note to self, do not attack a carrier at a station, especially one with a 15K docking ring. They simply redock and all work goes away.

Day 2 good ratting again only 6 belts where we are living now but they have some good hi value rats and so I was able to make some money back quite quickly.

I’m sending more stuff back up this weekend till then that rapier is nice and safe ( actually she warps cloaked so I don’t worry too much)

Looks like we might get some mining done this weekend for a special project so we shall see what comes of that endeavor.


~ by Manasiv5 on August 19, 2008.

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