Connecting to SiSi

Hey all with the speed changes a may want to connect to SiSi ( a.k.a. Singularity the test server) to see how the changes might affect you.

To connect to Sisi I do the following ( windows Vista tablet, 2GB Ram, no extra video card):

  1. Create a new empty folder in the following path (C:\Program Files\CCP) I called mine EVEsisi so it looks like this: (C:\Program Files\CCP\EVEsisi)
  2. Now that you have made the folder copy the contents of the C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE folder ( should be about 1.43 GB ) into EVEsisi
  3. So now you have two folders under the CCP folder , EVE and EVEsisi
  4. Create a shortcut to the eve.exe folder inside the EVEsisi folder
  5. Once the shortcut is made, check two things, the start in folder should be ( MUST BE ) the EVEsisi folder and the shortcut must look like this: “C:\Program Files\CCP\EVEsisi\eve.exe” /server87.237.38.50 copy this if you have followed my example.
  6. Go to
  7. Select what your CURRENT client level is ( classic in my case for my tablet)
  8. Download the TQ to Sisi patch here
  9. Select the bottom link within the box TQ to Singularity Patch
  10. Run the patch and this is CRITICAL point it to the EVEsisi folder!!!!!!! if you point it to the wrong folder your regular install is not make that mistake.
  11. log onto Sisi as you would normally log into EVE.

So lets summarize create a folder (check) Copy eve files to that folder (check) Create a make sure shortcut looks likes the path above (check) download the correct changes and select your EVEsisi folder(check) run the patch and log in (check)

Things on Sisi are abit different cost of mods are not much skills the same ( they mirror your skills and ships you have every so often) but you may come in with less Skill points than you normally have.

Once inside then you can test what the speed changes do to your current ships.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 20, 2008.

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