Ops this weekend.

So finally got to see our roqual in action this weekend! Needed to ramp up and do some mining Once again pulled out the dusty ole retriever and lo and behold we went a mining. Two full belts in about 15 hours give or take…mostly in Battleships/ retriver for day 1 day two showed up with more hulks ( 3) and and Osprey or two. Getting this kind of operation is something that I used to do ( way back when I started EvE in 03/04) There are plus’s and minus’s. On the plus side is saving the corp from buying/ transporting the minerals, on the minus side was everything else.Mining is still an evil mistress but I am a big pic kinda guy, so no muss no fuss.

On top of that we caught all kind of cyno alts, evil bastards that just should be shot on site. Took out the same alt twice in the rapier at a bubble the first time, rapier at a station the second time.

Granted with a rapier, at a bubble with two 90 % webs he wasn’t going anywhere fast, so I let the drones hack him up, saved my ammo and chalked up the kill, oh and got the pod too!

Second time we saw him come into our system and he warped to the station, we warped to station changed ships, undocked and waited outside the docking ring. This time I think he panicked. 2.25 second lock on a shuttle is more than enough time to get away, he died ( in a damned gallente shuttle no less) and I got his pod again. 2 shuttles , 2 pods, no more cyno for him.

Funny thing is we bought out all cyno’s within a 5 jump ring of where we live, so where was he gonna get one? Corpies caught 2 more cyno alts as well, in kestrels, or kessies for short.

Mined out 2 belts so we can build quite a few ships now, free of charge ( always nice to have abattleship building program swing into action.

More on the Rorqual later ( forgive the spelling of that damned ship I can never get it right)

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~ by Manasiv5 on August 24, 2008.

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  1. Well, the BS aren't free. They cost you the mining time. On the flip side you didn't have to run to empire. Being independent logistically (as much as possible) from empire is always a good thing. Never know when you might get cut off for a while.About the only things that you can't get independent supply of are: NPC goods used as POS fuel and NPC goods used in manufacture.

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