Farewell crew of the Vf 124 "gunslingers"..RIP

So, I thought that just after the system came up I would slip out of an enemy camp. Spooled up my systems jumped within190 of the gate…scanned, nothing…aligned to the gate…and warped to 0 on the gate. Sadly no intel could be provided about the other side of the gate. SO, I blindly hop through…well now most would say do not do this without expecting losses, however in a week worth of fighting, and about 35 jumps through this gate it had never been camped. Needless to say it was camped.

A Sabre, Rapier, Myrmidon, and a Crow. Of the three the one I was least expecting was the damned Sabre. So I align to a friendly POS and boom the rapier, crow, and the Sabre spring the trap. Later 3 more ships showed up to help as I was lasting quite a while against this camp. Had I one more jammer, or been fit for speed perhaps I would have perhaps escaped.

Oh, BTW this was after the damned default overview and all the screens were reset by the patch…i.e. I could only see planets and no enemies could not see alliance channel etc….) note to self adjust the damned overview before hopping through systems, potentially camped by hostiles.

SO I lock up the Rapier, the Myrmidon, and the Crow…I hit all three on the first go with jams, but the damned interdiction sphere would not let me warp. Had no sphere been there, I would have easily slipped by. SO the Gunslingers crew perished. Oh and I was podded, as can be expected in an interdiction sphere. The one thing I knew going in was that this ship probably would never come home, rest well crew you done me good…

On the good side, I was actually up a bit of money now 71.5M for insurance for the departed “gunslinger”

~ by Manasiv5 on September 3, 2008.

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