New ships on the Horizon

So, this won’t come a s a shock to anyone for sure but I love flying new ships.

The next ships on the horizon? The Sabre and the Broadsword. The Sabre is the destroyer interdictor. Interdictors fire spheres that disrupt the area around a bubble that inhibits warping. The Sabre is the little brother of the Broadsword. The Broadsword is a nice beastie that carries and interdiction sphere with it that inhibits warping.

These ships have many uses, but the big one is pinning people down from warping away.

I have seen their uses in combat, and to be sure they go a long way in both preventing a target from fleeing AND allowing your buddies to annihilate the target.

Should not be too long for the Sabre and a bit longer for the broadsword I’ll keep you all posted.


~ by Manasiv5 on September 4, 2008.

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