Getting your A$$ out of the fire – "Safe Spots"

Hey all thought I would cover this for people joining the game or those that may not be aware of some techniques to saving your bacon and getting out of dodge.

three types I will try to walk you through making:

1. Gate Safe spots-

* Gate safe spots…150KM from gates N, S, E or W, I prefer N (up) & S(down) but use all the cardinal directions when needed.
* To create one of these warp to within 100KM of a gate, zoom out and head straight up or straight down…
* At 150KM (depends on if you can see the gate still…the “gird” size changes based on dynamics…) set your Bookmark.
* These are useful if you have a covert ops and need to watch people as they come and go or if they amass ships to surge through a camp

2. “Deep” safe spots – to be MOST effective you need to be at least 3-4 AU away from any other point.. * as Mynxee says best try to use your map to give you a visual reference.

* Deep safe spots are positions based on the galaxy you are in that have you between two random points
* To create one warp to a far away gate
* While in warp at some point while warping create a Bookmark ( hit the BM button and create a spot (call it spot 1)
* Now from the gate you arrive at open your map and locate the farthest celestial object you can, planet or sun works well ( do not go back to the gate as that is the same line(vector) you were just on.
* Warp to this object, at some point in the middle of your warp add another bookmark (call it spot 2)
* Warp to back spot 1
* Now warp to spot 2 (in the middle of this journey from spot 1 to spot 2 create your DS bookmark. Start again with the next galaxy.
* To imagine this think of it this way take a sphere and make a line through the middle of the sphere and set a point on it, now make another random line and make a point on it. Now connect these two points and set a 3rd point in between them. That is a Deep Safe spot..WORD OF WARNING covert ops ships can scan you down in as little as 30 seconds if in doubt always keep warping between safe spots ~ not spot is truly “safe” sayeth the mule

3. “Station” safe spots

* A station safe spot is something that puts you within a very close distance, or inside of the “docking ring” of a station, sometimes in 0.0 outposts have a 500m docking ring and getting in fast can pose challenges, other places have a 15-20KM docking ring, but being close to the edge of this ring is critical for docking at a station that is camped
* To create one undock from said station
* I head straight up, but pick your direction, once you clear the docking ring you will see the station distance start to count off in Meters, once you are 100M off the ring set your book mark
* A variation of this is to set the spot within the docking ring…so that works well too.
* This spot can work well for “cynoing” capital ships in
* I use a variation of this for scouting an enemy station (but I stay 2000M away) from the ring

Ok… now the use of these safes

1 If traveling through 0.0 or 0.0-0.4 (low sec) warp to your gate safe if you see any neutrals or enemies, AND YOU WANT TO GO THROUGH A GATE to check if a camp is setup. If you have a slow aligning ship 150KM gives you enough room to maneuver back to your Deep Safe. If you are setup correctly, and no one is at the gate, you may be able to align to it and warp to 0, this gives you the ability to visually see any enemies before they pounce. (This depends on the grid sizes)

2. Traveling through, you used your gate safe, and they saw you and are coming after you, warp to your DS check your scanner before you warp for a covert ops ships, as this will help you determine if you need to move around a lot or wait it out.

3. Traveling into a system you see a camp at the gate, they have buzzard or another covert ops and are scanning you down (ships moving closer to you in your scanner, repeatedly push this button at a DS) you want to dock up, and are unsure if they are camping. warp to your station safe, dock up and wait em out

Terms used:

Cynoing ~ Launching a cynosural field to jump in a Capital. (carrier, dreadnought, marauder I think)

Grid~ Size of the viewable area and size of a Doomsday destruction area both take place on a random size depending on the number of people in a given system.

Doomsday~ Weapon that cause everyone within a grid to take 48,000 +/- of a given damage type.

~ by Manasiv5 on September 5, 2008.

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  1. Very helpful post, thank you 🙂

  2. LOL…blame my -100% comprehension/-100% memory penalty on the bottle of champagne I somehow drank all by myself before I posted that comment!

  3. lol wasn't that what I was describing above? get two random fixed points, then warp between them to a third fixed point?

  4. Of course, "deep" is always relative…if someone else happens to have safes near yours, you won't be deep from those and they'll be able to pick you up on the Directional. I try to make safes that are not inline between two celestial objects. To do this, I first make two safes that are inline with celestials, then warp from one of them to the other, setting a new safe somewhere between the two. THOSE kind of safes are the kind that someone won't accidentally warp through when warping between two celestials and therefore seem more "safe" to me.

  5. Sweet! Especially the deep safe re-definition

  6. Good post and I like the format–especially adding the "Terms used" at the bottom. Some thoughts on bookmarking safespots:Warping to 100KM of a planet rather than a gate might make it a bit less likely you'll run into someone who might want to take a bite out of you.I always have the Solar System map open when I'm bookmarking safes. That way I can see where I am and when to actually add the bookmark. The position of the new bookmark is much more controllable and predictable this way.To me, a "deep safe" is one that doesn't show up on the directional scan…therefore, I make mine at LEAST 15AU from any celestial object. Having planets, stations, and gates showing on your overview can help you quickly assess whether the new bookmark you're sitting at is truly a deep safe. Obviously only when cloaked are you safe from recon probes, no matter how deep a safe you're in.

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