Odd cycles of non-Information */rant ON

For what it is worth, where do you get your information about EvE?  

Me..? well I head to the forums and read patch notes, dev forum posts, and an occasional forum poster ( LaVista Vista  comes to mind), I blog and read others blogs and I have a subscription to E:ON magazine…
Some unusual things I have gathered coming up on my first solid year of play since 2003/2004:

  • Developers seem to be very reticent about posting information for fear that people will spew it back at them , sounds liek a hungry poulace that WANTS info.
  • When they post information to dev blogs it is general, non specific, and it is done to “test the waters”…and then not much more information is released
  • Detailing what I do not know about EvE would take volumes, but gathering that info is even more difficult.
  • Posts wax and wane…bursts of info then followed by weeks of nothing…is the prevailing pattern ( a good example is the QEN ( Quarterly Economic Newsletter that has not been published for well months now )
  • They DID add the Dev tracker which I use but even that is updated weekly, monthly, biweekly.hard to tell

The patch changes (those that actually DID get implemented compared to those that did NOT) and the upcoming changes are huge and trying to gather actual data about it is almost made impossible by those at CCP responsible for said info.  Yes they are human, yes they have lives, but if they cannot deliver in the long run do not promise in the short run

Here is the example:
1st POST 2007.09.03 15:34:02 Mineral markets
2nd POST  2007.09.30 15:43:34  Production of Space ships
3rd POST QEN 2007.11.12 13:50:44 Quarterly economic newsletter 3rd Quarter 2007
4th POST 2007.12.01 20:51:45 Some statistics on Corps

3 months, 4 Posts nice good info

5th POST QEN 2008.02.20 09:57:39 Quarterly Economic Newsletter 4th Quarter 2007

Sweet right on time!

6th POST 2008.04.17 16:05:55 Shuttles no longer sold by NPC’s

No post for first quarter 2008, due in June 20th 2008
As a matter of fact no posts from the good doctor since APRIL 2008..wtf? 😦

/rant OFF

All this being said, it is really my only complaint.

In closing I like CCP, I like the DEV’s and I love the game I just wish finding information about it was easier..

Any thoughts?

~ by Manasiv5 on September 9, 2008.

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  1. @letrange good thoughts and I thank you for sharing em bro makes a bit more sense to be sure@ shae tiann THANKS for that bit of news!My only thought is if you say your going to publish a report and it is quarterly… god dammit publish the report every qaurter!None the less thansk a ton for that info I tried to find Lavista's comments but could not:)

  2. Just a note on the QEN – I was at the Interactive Entertainment Festival in Edinburgh last month and had the chsnce to ask Eijol about it. He said there'd be two published by the end of the year; let's hope it happens.

  3. You will note that they (CCP and the developers collectively) seem to be absolutely horrified by their own ability to affect the EvE market by any pronouncement they make be it ever so innocuous. I think after the T20 incident they are hyper-conscious of any potential market influences they may be having.You will note that the industry side seems to have been operating by stealth buff/nerf for a while now. See the most recent change when scrap metal went from refining to 10 trit to refining to 500 trit (a welcome change, I just hope it was a bug fix and not an "oops"). And less we forget, the Shuttle incident.In regard to the good Dr. E, and his lack of reports. I think we're seeing the conjunction of 2 separate factors. The first is he does not wish to be the cause of market fluctuations based on his pronouncements. So I get the impression he's been restraining himself from interacting, treating most of what he knows as potential "insider trading" material. The other is that he just chewed off WAY more than he can handle with his busy PR schedule. The difference being that he's probably used to a certain number of grad students to help him out when he's working for a university. I don't know if there is anyone assigned as his "industry flunky" at CCP to take care of the stuff he doesn't have time to take care of.LaVistaVista did mention that he's working on 2 reports simultaneously. Plus with the revelation that the December update is probably an industry update, he's probably busier than a one legged guy at an ass kicking contest.

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