Poll recap and a few thoughts

Last month I put a poll on the blog thanks for voting. I knwo not very scientific but it showed in essence several things:

1) The majority of the people that read this blog (and answered the poll)are between 19 and 38 which is kind of what I expected this group represented 69.92 % of the votes, so perhaps they read this AND they participated in the vote.

2) The second largest group 39- 58 compromised the 25.12 % of the remainder, which shows that this group is not to be taken lightly either.

The reason for this informal poll was to try to see if I was writing in manner that fits the current audience.

So, I think I am on target, what do you all think?

Some bloggers of note who I count a good people in the “know”:

A) Crazykinux ~THE best collection of info for both Veteran and Rookie I have ever found
B) Kirith Kodachi~ Rugged individualist (extremely diificult to do in EvE let me tell you) who walks you throuhg his EvE existance
C) Ombey~ Simply the best “stroyteller” blog there is..it is a heck of a read
D) Mynxee~ Adorably wicked, even after getting podded, you probably still be happy she podded ya, she like Mules inRL (which just shows how smart she is) she reminds me of Elizabeth Swan from the Piartes movie, put a sword in hand and ya better look the hell out. * go hellcats (where is my money at for being your promoter)
E) Spectre~ A tough, no nonsense kinda Pirate,he’ll kick your teeth and then hand them back to you once you pay (you’ve been warned watch out for him)
F) Letrange~A very cool guy, you kind of “get to know” through his blog..similar in style sometimes to my blog
G anyone else in the “blogpack” who has commented on my blog ~ So many good writers and wonderful blogs: Zapatero, who I have had a chance to actaully meet. Winterblink, who I spoke to “IN GAME” I was stoked after he actually hopped in channel with us. Kajolo is also well worth a read.

Ok so honestly this stuff above is not all that exciting, aside form Mynxee and Myself not too many folks actually like mules. They should, but well, they don’t. Once they work with a Mule however, they come to apprciate them for their effort, loyalty, and yes there is that word again detrmination..maybe after reading my blog you’ll come to apprciate the mule perspective and love, yes i said love, that Point of view.

Without posts my view of the game is only so big, so many new people have posted, due to referrers like CK, I owe ya big time bro, EvE Newb ( also a huge referrer ) and Mynxee (just count me in the fan club!) I owe all the posters a great deal and if your interested in something or have a questions i can answer please ask.

~ by Manasiv5 on September 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Poll recap and a few thoughts”

  1. "Woohoo! Made it to B! Now this Crazy Kanuck is aiming at CrazyKinux! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!"So Kirith is also a Canadian, that makes the three of us!I think your demographics shows who reads these blogs the most, thanks for providing me with info!Talk to ya'll later.

  2. Great ceasers ghost that is one large Mule! Thats Awesome! Ouch that is along way to fall down though

  3. Wow…so much love. I don't know if I can stand it. Oh wait….yes I can!!! Right backatcha, too! Seriously, our community of bloggers has added immeasurably to my enjoyment of EVE. I appreciate and enjoy all of the different perspectives and insights you each bring to the party. And Manasi, from one mule fan(atic) to another: Me and my awesome 18-hand foxhuntin' mule Emma. And here too. Yeah. I wear the boots in the family. And the spurs. *grin*

  4. Woohoo! Made it to B! Now this Crazy Kanuck is aiming at CrazyKinux! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!Why yes, work IS boring today, why do you ask?

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