After action report

Location: Goonspace Near Esoteria
Fleet Makeup: Interceptors and Cruiser class vessels
Battle plan: Engage goons at will

Report: Mustered out of our forward base and headed towards Goon controlled space. Probably about 35 total ships. Both Nitro and Carl were in this op, not sure about nitro but Carl was ina an Arazu, I was in a nicely fitted, not very expensive Caracal. “Malkuth” Heavy launchers in the hi slots, shield booster and one EM hardener in the mids, Sensor boost II (no script), sensor damp ( range script), and a 10MN MWD. 2 Ballistic Control Unit II in the low. Not all that survivable of a setup, but hey she was designed to hurl missiles at range and lend a hand with a reasonably fast lock.

We ran about 10 jumps into 1 system with a nice juicy 16 man gate camp + bubble, we all uncloaked and proceeded to eliminate all of them ( sadly I do not see any kills in kill boards around, hmm maybe ill see if the goons had some record)

Anyways overview (bugs) items continued to plague me. I setup the overview ( I have several) after no one even appeared blue. Got that fixed by deleting the cache and rebuilding it ….4 overviews is a PITA. The first fight we had some difficulty understanding the Italian guy calling the primary, as a result I know I beat the shit out of a wolf/rifter but cannot find the kill, as that was the only target I could see.

We kept moving and this time we decided to rush a BS fleet in AZN. In hindsight not a great move but they lost 5 BS and our fleet was pulverized. Here is my kill posted on the goons KB

As I jumped into the system I could see tons of ships, sadly none were red, two jumps before I had reds on the screen now I did not have any….sigh. I reset the overview and tried to target the nearest goon I could ( again they were calling primaries) but we could not understand WHO they were calling, as result of resetting the overview I mistakenly tagetted a friendly and sensor damped him :(…As soon as I saw it I clicked unlock…. but, I feel badly none the less.

So all in all it was fun but next time will be better. Any reasoanbly good guides to resetting overviews would be handy as I can print them out and use as a checklist..please let me know if you knwo of such a thing.

~manasi out

~ by Manasiv5 on September 22, 2008.

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