Saving your bacon " tips to live by"

Hey guys and Mynxee (haha) after the nice folks at massively picked up on my article I thought I would post some more how to’s to help those of you who read this blog. getting your a$$ out of the fire was the post on safe spotting, this one will expand a little and offer some tips to staying alive.
* slight clarification point… this is how to get out of trouble, NOT how to engage in a fight, how to escape one to begin with

Align to something (when your in a defensive posture), all the time. My buddy Nitro drilled this into my head and I cannot tell you the number of times this has saved my bacon. The main star of the system (can be a little tough to locate as I no longer see it as an object) but if your far enough away you can warp to it.)

Ratting in a belt align to an object best bets are nearby planet, nearby star , but this is important align and move towards whatever takes you OUT the danger area ( if your belt rattting a planet or star works great) first sign of trouble BAIL. Waiting will get you killed.

During an operation (Ops) many times you will be askedto align to the next gate…(when you hit the align to button you begin to head at full velocity towards the object your aligning to, this makes jumps significantly faster if your ina larger ship and allows fleet warps to happen very quickly.

If solo, once in system align to a object , gate planet, star …NO MOONS, never warp to moons that’s where Player Owned Stations are anchored…..


I use lots of bookmarks. Normally within a given system there will be as follows:

150 to 200 KM off the ENTRY and the EXIT gates (the gate must stay visible) {if more than one gate a seperate BM to each gate}

Make your BM then when you warp back to it change the name I use the following :

POS = friendly POS to warp to in case of big trouble
SS = Safe spot
XX off GATE NAME i.e. 175 KM off YXIB was an old one
DS = Deep Safe 15 AU from any celestial object prefrerred if possible
StaS = Station safe Spot

Local chat: needs to be in a separate window all it’s own, at least viewable with names only (I move the edge off the screen so all I see are names) that way you can tell what reds are incoming and can drag and drop names to intel channels.

: your scanner is open, set to 360degree scan, and the range is maxxed out

Overview needs to be configured, this has cost me more ship losses than I care to elaborate on, do not, do not, do not configure your overview just before a fight, test it out as best you can in empire. I will talk about how I configure my overview in the next blog like this….

the bottom line ~ Information about your surroundings is key and having a place to go to when in trouble is manadtory. The open Local window I do nto ever chat in I blow ppl up or get blown up without any comment, local is intel to me. Scanner is the same, intel for me. The BM’s and objects are simply escape vectors that I align to.

Practical application:
Belt ratting in a “home” system, you see a nuetral pop up in local, tracking your overview you recall drones if you set them loose, you are aligned to the nearby planet or star and are at speed motoring to it. you hit the scanner and notice the nuetral in a hostile ship, overview lights up and you ahve to do one thing. Hit the warp button ( thats why stars are nice a longer warp means you ahve many more different places to go to making you harder to track) Report the contact to Corp or intel channels, when arriving at the star warp to your SS, then either station warp or go to your egress gate spot. Visiting a new system, motor in random direction away form the gate when you are 15-30 KM or so out make a Bookmark use this point but warp to 100KM of this bookmark if you get in trouble so you can do an emergency gate alignment.

There are better practical examples but this is a quick and dirty one.

~TC are good flying

~ by Manasiv5 on September 23, 2008.

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  1. @Ombey indeed the smaller the ship the less you need to pat attention to alignment as the almost pivot immediately and come up to speed rather fast

  2. Good post.When ninja ratting, I always do it in an Assault Frigate. Yes you chew through more ammo and time, but once you're in a tight orbit, the BSs and Cruisers can't hit you. I've used a Jaguar and Wolf with great success.Aligning for warp out becomes moot as AFs align quite quickly anyway.Just my 2p 🙂

  3. In actuality yes I did about 100 MORE hits than normal day Woohooo!

  4. Some real good tips in here, Manasi…tips I myself should have heeded tonight–particularly about staying aligned when in a safe. BTW, I'm late with this, but gratz on getting your post on safe spots picked up by … did you notice a big jump in your hit counter after that? I did when they quoted one of my posts recently.

  5. * when you align to an object the default action is to come up to speed… the difference is dramatic the bigger the ship, especially a ratting raven for example. Not so much in my interceptor.* if your FC says to hold cloak then hold the cloak…as for the blasters, I was not referring to engaging a target… I was talking to the folks that DO NOT want to engage a target… If you want to engage by all means do what you will.

  6. I'm not convinced on the "always align". Based on my rudimentary testing, if you are at a dead stop your time to warp is pretty much constant no matter which direction your ship is facing. The only time aligning helps reduce your time to warp is if you're actually in motion towards what you want to align to.Second, don't always align to the next gate when in fleet. Listen to your FC. There are times when they may want you to hold cloak.Third, blaster boats require very close range. Same with autocannons. You can't effectively engage in any meaningful combat with blasters and be aligned to something. You really do have to orbit at your optimal range to be effective.With that said, yes, watch local. You get a hostile on local you need to safe up unless you're prepared for pvp. Even a battleship can align and warp from dead stop before someone can jump into system and warp to you at some belt.

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